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JDW pub kitchen forced to shut after ‘pests’ found in nearby bins

Pest control: the incident happened near to the Gloucester pub

Pests, thought to be maggots were discovered in nearby bins to a JD Wetherspoon (JDW) pub in Gloucestershire, forcing the kitchen to close temporarily. 

Infestation: the advice comes after an Essex pub was fined £42,000

How to avoid rat and other pest infestations in your pub

Alcohol misuse: research organisation calls for tighter measures on alcohol sales in report

Alcohol sales clampdown call is 'rehash of old ideas'

Liberation Group is the latest pubco to ban plastic straws

Liberation Group bans plastic straws

Police investigation: Durham Constabulary called to pub after 'noxious substance' reports

Durham pub forced to evacuate 200 people due to ‘noxious substance’

Remain a priority: One in four teens served alcohol without being asked to show ID

On-trade serving 1 in 4 teens alcohol without asking for ID

Frosty conditions: keep ice equipment clean and safe (credit: Peerajit/iStock/

How to avoid faecal bacteria in pub ice machines

Higher consumption: some 20% of Welsh people drink more than national guidelines recommend

One in five people in Wales drink more than guidelines recommend

Up in smoke: the rules of vaping inside pubs

Up in smoke: the rules of vaping inside pubs

Teaming up: operators and customers are being being urged to show solidarity (Image: Google Maps)

Open house event launched to celebrate London Bridge and Borough Market

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