Security services publish terror attack guidance for pubs

Preferential targets: pubs urged to look at new Crowded Places guidance from NaCTSO

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) published new guidance specifically for pubs and bars on Thursday (8 June) following the recent terror attacks in the UK.

The new Crowded Places guidance for the UK intends to give protective security advice to those who own, operate, manage or work in the night-time economy (NTE) businesses.

It is aimed at venues where there may be a risk of a terrorist attack by the very nature that they are crowded places.

It covers the key areas of protective security including physical, personnel, personal and cyber, as well as detailed advice on evacuation, invacuation, lockdown and protected spaces.

The document highlights the importance of operators recognising the risks, developing security plans, training staff, carrying out rehearsal exercises and understanding their roles and responsibilities.

Evolving threat

As the terrorist threat in the UK evolves, the guidance has been designed to be a living document taking the best advice from some of the UK's leading experts and organisations.

Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner Lucy D’Orsi said: “Terrorist attacks are rare in the UK, but recent events have shown that an attack could happen anywhere and without warning.

“Those locations, either public or private, where large groups of people gather, for reasons such as entertainment, business, transportation, sporting or social occasions, have always been preferential targets for terrorists.”

She said that the guidance is advice for those responsible for managing the security of crowded places and urged operators to review their security using the information.

“You play a key role in preventing and protecting communities against terrorism,” she said.

Top tips from the document

  • The initial decision-making regarding emergency response is usually made by the management of the crowded place. Initial decision-making should not be delayed in order to wait for instruction or action from the police. Speed of decision-making and implementation are critical. Decisive individuals will save lives.
  • Decide on appropriate response. Establish if the threat is external or internal to the venue. If it is within the venue consider evacuation, but if the threat or incident is outside the venue it may be safer to stay inside. Initiating evacuation, invacuation, lockdown and/or use of protected spaces should be the responsibility of the responsible individual.
  • Report any incident to the police as soon as possible to initiate an appropriate response.
  • Remember: Follow the RUN, TELL, HIDE principles

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