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A breath of fresh air: how the smoking ban has changed the pub trade

Bish: The disadvantages of the smoking ban were all at the front end

The smoking ban became a fact in England on 1 July 2007 with an unprecedented impact for pubs. But how has the trade changed in the past 10 years since it came into force?

Ei Group: Wesley has been a very dedicated publican since he took on the Longford Engine

Coventry pub receives £110,000 investment from Ei

Exhausting and emotional:non-stop pool match for four days breaks world record

Publican breaks Guinness World Record for pool marathon

Lots of interest: 435 enquiries have been received by a PCA enquiry line

Low MRO numbers caused by 'complex and convoluted procedures'

Quality pubs: Ei Publican Partnerships launches new training guides

Ei Publican Partnerships launches training guides for pubs

Fact finding: Newby's office is looking for evidence around MRO access

PCA to examine claims pubcos ‘inhibit’ tenant access to MROs

Great example: Head chef takes on new pub

Head chef to open Ei gastropub after £200,000 investment

Low pick-up: only a handful of licensees have taken the MRO option

Meagre MRO take up across major pubcos

'Absolutely delighted': Three Cheers Pub Co has joined Ei Group for a managed investment

Ei ties deal with Three Cheers under managed partnership model

Fair trade? The Post Office Inn claims it is being undercut by a rival pub under the same ownership

Ei licensee sees trade ‘walk down the street’ to rival Ei site

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