NFL Touchdown Tasty

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As an American who really loves every second I get to spend in the UK, and who is continually humbled by the warm and generous response I get from fans here, it is amazing to see the game I grew up playing now being played at Wembley – a stadium that is synonymous with some of the greatest moments in European sport.
Seeing the game millions live and die by every Sunday in the States coming to the UK is like the perfect synergy of two things I really love. Now I get to enjoy one of the most dynamic games from my home in a country I’ve come to look on as a second home – with fans every bit as passionate as I am.

When it comes to the NFL, whether at the stadium tailgating or at your favourite pub, if you’re going to do it right then the food and drink has to be done right too. In this collection, you’ll find recipes for some of my game-time favourites that you’ll be inspired to serve up during live NFL on Sky Sports.
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