Seven things pubs can do to attract elusive Generation Z

Generation Z: How to get the latest generation into pubs

The latest challenge for pub owners is attracting Generation Z, people aged 18 to 24, who are addicted to technology and their phones.

Bish: The disadvantages of the smoking ban were all at the front end

A breath of fresh air: how the smoking ban has changed the pub trade

Dip in figures: downturn in trade due to fears over economy

‘Pre-election jitters’ partly responsible for dip in managed pub trade

Sky promise: no pub's bill will rise by more than 5%

Sky price rise limited to 5% to account for spiralling business rates

Idyllic spot: We take a look at the Anchor at Walberswick

My Pub: The Anchor at Walberswick

Fears over lack of competition: Heineken must address concerns by 20 June

CMA finds Heineken-Punch deal ‘reduces competition in 33 areas’

Front foot: managed drinks-led community pubs continue to expand

Managed drink-led pubs achieve ‘striking’ 8.7% growth

The pub name ’George and the Dragon’ became popular under King Edward III

What's in a name? The stories behind pub monikers

NWTC plans to open six new sites a year

New faces at NWTC and Loungers

Cost pressures: research shows the average hospitality wage is 62p higher than NLW

Hospitality wages '62p higher than national living wage'

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