Wireless Social adds more pubs to its system

Rise in users: more pubs join with Wireless Social

Wireless Social has added more pubs and restaurants to its rapidly growing Wi-Fi user base.

Banned: no more surcharge payments for customers

Card payment surcharges to be outlawed

Helping the community: The Bull's Dominic Worrall

Pub helps provide villagers with superfast broadband

Smartphone society: How pubs can take advantage of digital touch points. (Main image: ippoba/iStock/

Technology: How pubs can take advantage of mobile phones

Sky promise: no pub's bill will rise by more than 5%

Sky price rise limited to 5% to account for spiralling business rates

Digital awareness: Wireless Social boss Julian Ross outlined the importance of capitalising on Wi-Fi

MA500: opportunities in ethernet real estate

Brand development: Evans will evolve the Be At One app

Be At One appoints head of marketing to drive innovation

Unprompted and in situ responses: the Pickles app uses 'in-the-moment' insight

App helps Carlsberg uncover thinking behind drinks decisions

Social media: Millennials explain why they go to the pub

What the Millennials say about pubs

Growing appetite: pubgoers 'would spend more' if they could use smartphones to order and pay. Picture credit: Ivanko_Brnjakovic/istock/

Mobile apps 'would get customers to spend more cash’

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