Bar staff insider: a time and a place to chat

Chit-chat: it is not always 'good to talk'

We all love a chat. As a member of bar staff, or as a customer but, and this is a big but, there's a time and a place.

Every man and his dog descends on the pub, ordering complicated drinks, their Guinness last and thinking you're a psychic by knowing what their mate's sister's husband's aunt wants.

Then, a lovely yet slightly irritating drinking begins to put his booze order in.

You pleasantly serve him, (with a smile, of course) and he tells you his life story. I'm talking from the day he was born.


While we are always sympathetic to those who have had a difficult time, when you're trying to serve 30,000 people at once, this isn't always the best opportunity to make chit-chat.

And, while you may want to shove a beer towel in this forlorn customer's mouth, you have just run. 

Sorry pal, come back in the morning.

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