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How to avoid £150 fine for trading outside

a pavement licence is granted at the discretion of the council

Following national reports of a 5-year-old girl receiving a £150 fine for trading on the street in Mile End, east London, The Morning Advertiser's legal experts Poppleston Allen advised operators on outdoor trading.

Remain a priority: One in four teens served alcohol without being asked to show ID

On-trade serving 1 in 4 teens alcohol without asking for ID

Glassware issue: despite rumours to the contrary, there are no plans for blanket ban

Seaside town will not introduce blanket glassware ban

Controversial: PHE bids to make public health a licensing objective

Public Health England publishes findings on ‘theoretical public health licensing objective’

Self-service: Thirsty Souls will still allow customers to pour their own pints

Pub forced to make changes to 'self-serve wall'

Probability odds: Poppleston Allen partner Jonathan Smith assessed the Lords' recommendations for licensing

MA500: Licensing Act changes - what are the odds?

Study: pressure on emergency services 'could be reduced' if trading times were shortened

NHS pressures ‘could be reduced’ by shorter trading times, claims IAS

Recognition: (left to right) Superintendent Becky Mears, ACC Nikki Ross, Debie Pearmain, Diane Brown and Steve Baker

National Pubwatch launches Star Awards

Remain vigilant: betting on pub Wi-Fi explained. Picture credit: Ivanko_Brnjakovic/istock/

Legal Q&A: should pubs let punters use their Wi-Fi to bet online?

Late-night levy delay: Tower Hamlets has been forced into a postponement

Tower Hamlets forced to delay late-night levy

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