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Men discuss issues at the pub, not on social media

Comforting: some 18% of men would prefer sharing important news in the pub

When it comes to talking about serious issues with friends, men are more likely to want to discuss them in the pub than on social media.

Future plans: Greene King chief executive Rooney Anand said the pubco will target further market outperformance

Greene King reports strong annual results

Dessert disaster: baked Alaska triggered 11-year-old boy's allergy (credit: Monkey Business images/

Greene King fined £24k after child's anaphylactic shock from dessert

Waste commitment: Greene King has set a goal for zero waste to landfill by 2020

Greene King pledges zero waste to landfill by 2020

Missing in action: Damien Butler says his meal was served an hour after he ordered it

Greene King pub slammed over ‘cold food and disgusting service’

Lots of interest: 435 enquiries have been received by a PCA enquiry line

Low MRO numbers caused by 'complex and convoluted procedures'

Local bid: the community offer of £130,000 was rejected

Community fails in bid to buy Leeds pub despite raising £130,000

Fact finding: Newby's office is looking for evidence around MRO access

PCA to examine claims pubcos ‘inhibit’ tenant access to MROs

Low pick-up: only a handful of licensees have taken the MRO option

Meagre MRO take up across major pubcos

Licensing objectives cited: Greene King loses bingo application in Court of Appeal

Greene King loses bingo licence appeal

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