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Affinity Bars & Restaurants sites closed

Sites shut: Affinity Bars & Restaurants revealed closures on Twitter

London-based Affinity Bars & Restaurants appears to have shut down operations with all four sites, including three pubs closed.

Evolving styles: the next big thing is fruited beer, say experts

The future of craft beer: fruit?

Happy ending: the Wolf bar in Birmingham and BrewDog have teamed up to create a gin

BrewDog makes amends with Wolf bar by collaborating on gin

Praise for staff: Keith Knowles was honoured but said thanks go to Bed & Bars staff

OBE honour ‘recognises work of many people’ says Beds & Bars founder

Probability odds: Poppleston Allen partner Jonathan Smith assessed the Lords' recommendations for licensing

MA500: Licensing Act changes - what are the odds?

Play time: music expert and former licensee Ethan Allen advised delegates on holding events

MA500: top tips on holding live music events

Teetotallers: Club Soda co-founder Laura Willoughby explained how pubs can adapt to appeal to non-drinkers

MA500: we aren't saying don't drink, it's pubs having something for everyone

Digital awareness: Wireless Social boss Julian Ross outlined the importance of capitalising on Wi-Fi

MA500: opportunities in ethernet real estate

Captive audience: CPL Training boss Daniel Davies set the Liverpool scene for MA500 delegates

MA500: hitting the Mersey

Help down the line: Perfect says Butcombe is helping tenants to build better businesses

Free BII membership for Butcombe tenants

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