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BrewDog makes amends with Wolf bar by collaborating on gin

Happy ending: the Wolf bar in Birmingham and BrewDog have teamed up to create a gin

BrewDog has made amends with the owners of an independent Birmingham bar after the Scottish brewer came under fire for forcing the venue to change its name by threatening it with legal action.

Praise for staff: Keith Knowles was honoured but said thanks go to Bed & Bars staff

OBE honour ‘recognises work of many people’ says Beds & Bars founder

Probability odds: Poppleston Allen partner Jonathan Smith assessed the Lords' recommendations for licensing

MA500: Licensing Act changes - what are the odds?

Play time: music expert and former licensee Ethan Allen advised delegates on holding events

MA500: top tips on holding live music events

Teetotallers: Club Soda co-founder Laura Willoughby explained how pubs can adapt to appeal to non-drinkers

MA500: we aren't saying don't drink, it's pubs having something for everyone

Digital awareness: Wireless Social boss Julian Ross outlined the importance of capitalising on Wi-Fi

MA500: opportunities in ethernet real estate

Captive audience: CPL Training boss Daniel Davies set the Liverpool scene for MA500 delegates

MA500: hitting the Mersey

Help down the line: Perfect says Butcombe is helping tenants to build better businesses

Free BII membership for Butcombe tenants

Brand development: Evans will evolve the Be At One app

Be At One appoints head of marketing to drive innovation

Copper-tinged: The operator is using the same designer as was used for its Birmingham site

£420,000 investment for Alchemist sites

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